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Girl Power:Empowerment for Girls based on Amazing Adventures in Shelby's Shoes

Relevant information about my new children's book, Amazing Adventures in Shelby's Shoes : “Like star dust glistening on fairies' wings, little girls dreams are of magical things.” This quote, credited to Sherry Larson, effectively reflects one of the main themes of my new children’s book Amazing Adventures in Shelby’s Shoes , being marketed to grades K – 3. The book also has the theme of empowerment for girls, as well as boys.It includes glossary and a researched chapter called "Girl Power" at the end of the book. In the book, a little girl's imagination takes her all over the world as she plays dress-up, but she comes to realize she can be, in reality, anything she wants to be if she really tries. The book is a charming rhyming narrative with a non-fiction chapter of information, references and links about Girl-power and empowering children, especially girls, to realize their full potential and reach for the stars – to “shatter t