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Empowerment for Girls: How Parents Can Combat Gender Stereotypes

Research, in addition to personal experiences of girls and boys, and men and women (especially the experiences of girls and women), show that gender stereotypes have been in the past and, unfortunately, even in 2017, are alive and flourishing. Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents to attempt to raise strong girls who feel empowered to follow their dreams, despite any obstacles that society might impose. Below are six important things that parents must try to do empower girls and to stave off the gender stereotypes.  ● Know that, as parents, you are your child’s first teacher.    Parents are role models .   Your daughters and sons are watching and learning from everything you do and say.   If you say one thing (boys and girls are equal) but do another (treat them differently, or act in a gender-stereotypical way yourself), they will definitely notice the actions over any empty words. ● Introduce diversity in toys, play and sports activites , and