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Introducing an Empowerment Website By Girls for Girls

 This blog site is a supplement to my girl empowerment book called, Amazing Adventures in Shelby's Shoes.  In my girl empowerment blog, I post information for girls and parents of girls that will be useful in helping girls and young women realize and reach their full potential.  I want my readers to be aware of a terrific website by girls for girls. It is called  Girl Spring is an online magazine created by girls for girls, ages 13-18. Here girls can find a wealth of information helpful and of interest to them. Areas such as poetry, reading, art, planning for the future, and dealing with problems and concerns are all addressed. The theme for January is "Reflect and Restore". A new theme is addressed each new month.  Here is the link to take girls to a wealth of information, empowerment and enjoyment. Go seek, girls, and ye shall find. Girl Spring