Kids Want to Have Fun and Not Be Afraid

My children’s books are entertaining and educational for children. Each of my four books has a blog associated with the theme or subject matter of my books.
This period of time in our country can be a very scary for children and adults. Because of the increase of gun violence, racism, home-grown terrorist attacks, ICE raids that sadly separate immigrant families, devastating storms and natural disasters, daunting bullying, and all sorts of safety concerns that frighten children, it is important to call on parents  and teachers to take extra precaution to keep our young ones safe and to teach them how to be safe when they are not with their parents or other caregivers.
It is equally important that we do whatever we can to help children still be children, to try to have fun and enjoy themselves despite the fears that can tend to be overwhelming. For this reason, I am introducing two gentlemen, Troy Harrington and Brian Thomas who have formed a small music production company called Bubba Yu…

Empowering at Risk Girls One Girl at a Time

The goal of my books, Amazing Adventures in Shelby’s Shoes, is to promote self-esteem and to encourage all girls to realize their full potential and strive to achieve their goals and dreams. However, there are some girls, unfortunately, despite best efforts, fall through the cracks. These are at risk girls. To help educate about and further the cause for helping at risk girls to achieve their full potential, I want to introduce a program created by Girl Power Rocks
Girl Power is a nonprofit prevention and intervention social change program that is promoting positive behavior, improving social skills and enhancing academic performance in at-risk girls ages 11 – 17 who are, for sundry reasons, at risk. The organization was established in 2000 by the World Literacy Crusade (WLC) of Florida - an international, non-profit, community literacy program - Girl Power fosters confidence, competence, and pride in at risk girls who may suffer from low self-team, lack of educational opportunities an…

Empowerment for Girls: How Parents Can Combat Gender Stereotypes


Girl Power:Empowerment for Girls based on Amazing Adventures in Shelby's Shoes

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